Cleanroom Ceilings

T-Grid Ceiling system:

CleanroomCleanroom Ceiling GridCleanroom Ceiling Grid with Lights & FFUs

Heavy duty, 2” extruded aluminum grid. May be suspended from existing building structure or equipped with beams to be self supporting.

Advantages: Grid openings are populated with standard LED light fixtures, HEPA/ULPA Fan Filter Units and cleanroom ceiling tiles. Items placed in the grid can be easily reconfigured if the needs of the room change. Easy removal also allows for quick access to the space above the cleanroom.

Disadvantages: Grid ceilings are not flush. The recesses formed by the grid are not very deep, but can be a concern for some processes and industries where cleaning of the ceiling is required.


 Modular Ceiling:

 CleanroomCleanroom Ceiling PanelsCleanroom Panel Ceiling with Lights and FFUs

Our modular ceiling is created with panels that are constructed in the same manner as our wall modules. Openings are created in advance at the factory to accept LED light fixtures and HEPA/ULPA Fan Filter Units.

Advantages: Our modular ceiling forms a very stiff surface that is also very flush. The flush, flat surface is easier to clean than a grid style ceiling. The ceiling panels can be configured to support the weight of a maintenance technician.

Disadvantages: The location of lights and Fan Filter Units is predetermined when the ceiling modules are fabricated. Relocating a light or FFU is possible, but is difficult as an opening must be cut into an existing panel. It is possible to create extra openings covered with flush insert panels, if a client would like some flexibility in the future.