Why Lavorato Design?


Our team has years of experience designing and building cleanrooms throughout Canada and the USA for a wide variety of industries. Here is just a partial list of the project types we have handled:

  • USP 795 & 800 compounding labs located in retail pharmacies and hospitals. Designs ranged from simple 100 Sq-ft two room suites to large scale multi-room facilities with sophisticated roof mounted HVAC systems.
  • Pharmaceutical production cleanrooms (Grade A, B, C & D) including filling operations and packaging
  • GMP facilities to meet Health Canada and FDA guidelines.
  • University research labs including special low metal labs.
  • Micro-electronic production facilities with low static requirements

Product & Design:

Through our years of experience, we learned what makes for an exceptional cleanroom. Drawing on our knowledge and firsthand experience, we ensure our key requirements are met:

  • Modular design – This allows for quick, clean installation by eliminating the need for on site fabrication. This lowers installation costs and greatly reduces any disruption to your operation.
  • Clean, flush wall and window design - This reduces areas for particulate to accumulate. Your cleanroom stays clean and is easier to clean when required
  • Generous use of cove - Cove placed along all wall to floor transitions and in all wall corners. This eliminates tight, hard to clean corners.
  • Choice of ceiling systems. We offer solid modular panel style ceilings that are similar to our wall modules or suspended T-grid ceilings. We provide both so the best option can be selected for the application. See our ceiling section for more details about these systems.
  • Facility layouts that work. We collaborate with you to develop a layout that is built around your processes and people. We have decades of manufacturing experience and we apply our operational and Lean knowledge to everyone of our plans.


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support for our clients’ new cleanrooms. To do so, we always start by walking our clients and their relevant staff through the operation and maintenance requirements of their completed facility. In doing so, we also introduce them to our detailed Owner’s Manual.

The Owner’s Manual provides a comprehensive explanation of the design and use of the cleanroom facility. It also contains important reference material. Out typical manual includes a review of the airflow and operation of the cleanroom suite. The function and use of all gauges and controls are also covered. Additionally, maintenance and cleaning instructions are provided. A detail appendix includes: Architectural drawings, electrical controls drawings, a spare parts list and owner’s manuals for any special equipment such HVAC systems, pass throughs and HEPA Fan Filter Modules.

We are always available by phone or email to answer questions as they arise.


Our goal is to provide exceptional cleanrooms at very reasonable prices.